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Games Wanted

MHSA Games Wanted

Sport - Football and Basketball

School - Cody HS in Cody, WY

Level - Varsity Football and Varsity/JV Boys' and Girls' basketball

Dates - Football: September 13, 2024 and September 12, 2025

             Basketball: Home and Away series for 2024-25 and 2025-26

Contact - Tony Holt

Cody High School in Cody WY is in need to a football game for September 13, 2024 and the corresponding date in 2025 of September 12th. We would like to have an away game in 2024 and then host that school in 2025. We are a school of 630 students who competes at the 3A level in Wyoming.

Also, we are looking for two girls and two boys varsity and JV basketball games for the 2024/2025 season. We would prefer at least one home game this year and then would like to flip the schedule in 2025/2026 for anyone interested.


Sport - Basketball

School - Shelby High School

Level - Varsity/JV

Date(s) - 2023-24 Season

Contact - Mike White -

Shelby High School is looking for teams to participate in the Coyote Classic Basketball Preseason Tourney on December 7-9, 2023. This is for boys and girls, Varsity and JV. Shelby offers money to teams for expenses. Contact Mike White if in need of 2 games that weekend.

Classified Ads

Need for Blocking Sled - Culbertson High School

Culbertson Schools are interested in buying a 5-man blocking sled in good to excellent condition.

If you have or know of one, please contact:

Mark Pederson at or

Dave Solem, AD at

Thank you for any assistance we can get in this matter.

Need for Bleachers - Alberton High School

Alberton High School is interested in finding some used bleachers that another school may be getting rid of or are trying to sell for their football field

If you have bleachers, please contact Jeff Crews at Alberton High School

Contact - Jeff Crews - Superintendent

Football Scoreboard:

If anyone wants to buy our Football scoreboard with some hail damage, please contact Rich Hash at Shepherd High School. 

The scoreboard is only 10 years but still works.

Contact Rich at