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Coaches Education


Every coach (all head, assistant and school-approved volunteer coaches) must meet the following requirements: 

a.  Completion of the Fundamentals of Coaching core course prior to contact with student-athletes.  Certification is good for a five-year period, inclusive of the first season in which the course is completed.   

b.  Completion of the Concussion in Sports course prior to contact with student-athletes.  Certification is good for a one-year period.   

c.  Completion of the sport-specific online rules clinicWe have a new format on the NFHS Learning Center for the Rules Clinics. 

Click on this link and order the clinic (You will follow the same process as the Concussion in Sports Clinic):

People just order the course from that page when logged in, just like they would the Concussion in Sports course or any other free course.

Please use the following document to create an account (if you already have an account on, you will just use that login information):


Once you have viewed your Rules Clinc, you will receive a certificate stating that you completed the video. Save the PDF that it allows you to download and then you will need to upload the certificate into the Dragonfly Software. 

In addition, coaches are encouraged to utilize the other available elective or sport-specific NFHS courses.

Coaches are responsible for insuring that the appropriate school administrator(s) receive verification that the courses are completed.  The school administrator is responsible for reporting to the MHSA annually that all their coaches have completed the requirements successfully.

Please Note:  Although MHSA has no jurisdiction over elementary, middle school or junior high programs, ALL COACHES of youth sports must comply with the Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act.  School districts are responsible for ensuring that all coaches at every level have completed concussion education training, but mandatory MHSA compliance reports apply only to high school coaches (head, assistant and volunteer).  Compliance reports must be completed every spring.

School Contacts:  Use the form linked below to report your current Coaches' Education Compliance.

Concussion Education and Compliance

On April 22, 2013, Governor Bullock signed the Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act into law.  

An athletic trainer, coach, or official shall remove a youth athlete from participation in any organized youth athletic activity at the time the youth exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion. 

Refer to the Sports Medicine Page of the MHSA website for resources and additional information regarding concussions.

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