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About Us

Montana High School Association

Originally founded in 1921 to regulate athletic competition, the Montana High School Association strives to serve all member schools by governing high school interscholastic activities in Montana.

The mission of the MHSA is to assure that the membership is provided with leadership and support in advancing equitable MHSA interscholastic activities for the growth and educational experience for students.

The purpose of the Montana High School Association is to ensure that interscholastic activities in Montana are administered fairly.  Policies pertaining to scholastic standing, transfer, awards and other regulations that guide the Executive Board are adopted by the MHSA member schools.  The MHSA is a service-based organization.

High school students throughout the state benefit greatly from interscholastic activities programs. These programs are an integral part of the high school experience, and promotion of good citizenship is essential to the growth and to the development of these valuable activities.