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All-Time Records for all MHSA Sports

About the Records

Only records and performances that have been approved through the proper process are included in the Montana High School Sports Record Book. 
Records were compiled in 1995 and again in 2000, but have not been extensively updated or researched since that time. For a record or performance to be published in the record book, the application form must be completed and approved by the home high school administration. 
To download a copy of this form, click on the link below. Candidates are encouraged to make application promptly after an outstanding performance.   

The Montana Records Committee has set forth a number of criteria that must be met to ensure that only worthy individuals or teams are included in the record book. If sufficient material is available, the current top 10 performances in specific categories are listed. If fewer than 10 are listed, additional information is not available.  All listings included below are current, but as you will see, many records have not been updated for a long time. 
Last school year we sent a request to all member schools to review the records and submit any additions. 

The Montana High School Association does not have the resources to monitor or update all Montana high school records.   In order for these records to be up to date, we will continue to rely on the schools, newspapers and the general public to submit updated records through the proper process. We encourage everyone to send updated records; then we will use our internet site to display these records so the most current records will be published.

Montana High School Association - History of Champions

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