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MHSA Handbook

Forensics & Drama Booklet

The booklets were mailed to member schools in the last week of September.  If you have not received a packet, please contact  Also, please email if you would like to order additional copies.

Correction to Page 21 Extemp Speaking #2a of the MHSA Forensics Handbook

2. The procedure for conducting draw in Extemporaneous Speaking shall be as follows:

a. Thirty minutes before speaking the contestant will draw by lot three specific speech questions, select one question and return the other two to the draw chair.  Draw shall be proctored by a minimum of one coach. For meets with three or more sections of Extemporaneous Speaking, as well as for divisional and state tournaments, a minimum of two coaches shall be assigned to proctor the draw room in each round.


There is a housekeeping issue on page 21 – Extemp. The rules for the procedures for Extemp draw are missing the rule that the Extemp topics must be placed face down during draw.

The Rules Committee has ruled unanimously that Extemp topics are to be placed face down when set out for, and during, draw.   Updated on 1/28/2020

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