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Extemporaneous Speaking Topics

Extemporaneous speaking topics are provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations.  Topics will be sent to MHSA coaches at the beginning of each month from September through January.  They will not be posted on the MHSA website at the request of the NFHS.  To register to receive mailings, contact with your current email address(es).

Legislative Debate Topics

The First topics (Until Nov. 24) will be:
Foreign: Iran
Domestic: America's Homeless Population
The Second topics (Nov. 25-the winter break) will be:
Foreign: Medical Advancements
Domestic: Drug Abuse
The Final topics (Jan. 1- State) will be:
Foreign: Space
Domestic: Election Reform

Lincoln Douglas Debate Topics


Policy Debate Topic

The 2018-2019 policy debate topic is:

The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States

Public Forum Debate Topics


The NSDA has changed its topic releases in Public Forum Debate (all other debate styles are unchanged). After consultation with the MFEA debate committee, the following change has been decided for the 2018-2019 MHSA Speech and Debate season. Public Forum will debate the Sept./Oct. topic until Nov. 24, The Nov./Dec. topic from Nov. 25-Dec. 31, the Jan. topic all of Jan., and the Feb. topic all of Feb. For clarification or questions, contact debate committee chairperson Adam Thane at

Impromptu Topics and SPOI Prompts

Reminder!  Tournament hosts should send used Impromptu topics to: 

Sean O'Donnell, Flathead High School, 644 4th Ave. West, Kalispell, MT  59901; fax: 406.751.3605; or email:

Send SPOI prompts to:

Julie Frank, Manhattan High School, P.O. Box 425, Manhattan, MT  59741; fax: 406.284.3104; or email: