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The 2023-24 Winter Rules Clinics are now available - November 1st

We have a new format on the NFHS Learning Center for the  Rules Clinics. 

Click Here for the link for the 2023-24 clinics

You will follow the same process as the Concussion in Sports Clinic on the NFHS Learn Site.  

People just order the course from that page when logged in, just like they would the Concussion in Sports course or any other free course.

Please use the following document to create an account (if you already have an account on, you will just use that login information):


Once you have viewed your Rules Clinic, you will receive a certificate stating that you completed the video. Save the PDF that it allows you to download and then you will need to upload the certificate into the Dragonfly Software. 

Current MHSA Rules Clinic Schedules

Links to view 2023-24 Clinics